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Lake Barrington, located in Northern Tasmania is the site of a world-standard rowing course and in 1990 World Rowing Championships was held. Other events include the annual Tasmanian Independent School's Head of the River rowing regatta and has been the site for several Australian Rowing Championships since 1984.

Since its construction as water storage for the generation of electricity in 1969, Lake Barrington has developed as a focus for water and nature-based recreation in northwest Tasmania. The Lake forms part of the Mersey-Forth run-of-rivers hydro power scheme that comprises seven water storage/lakes and four rivers. The Lake is also a valuable source of drinking water for the North West Coast of Tasmania.

Lake Barrington is a popular venue for a variety of activities including: rowing, water-skiing, jet-skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, fishing, camping, picnicking and sightseeing and is recognised as a significant recreational asset as a venue for State, National and International sporting events, particularly rowing, kayaking and water-skiing.

Due to the mix of topography and land tenure surrounding the Lake recreational access to the Lake and its shoreline is restricted to a limited number of sites with the three key sites being the Kentish Park, Lake Barrington Park and the Rowing Course.

Kentish Park and Lake Barrington Park are situated on opposite shores of the northern end of Lake Barrington. View map >

Kentish Park is located on the eastern shore, approximately 12 kilometres from the town of Sheffield and Lake Barrington Park is situated on the western shore approximately 4 kilometres from Wilmot. These two sites are popular sites for day visitors and campers who enjoy picnicking, sightseeing and are often used as a base for activities on the lake. 


Kentish Council has responsibility for the management of the camping and day facilities within the two parks.

Hydro Tasmania is responsible for the management of the lake including water quality and levels, dam infrastructure and the use of the lakeshore to the high-water mark.

Rowing Tasmania is responsible for the management of the regatta grounds, on water facilities and buildings at the International Regatta Course.

Rowing Tasmania is a member of the Mersey Forth Recreational Management Committee.


One of the advantages LBIRC has over similar facilities in other states is the ability for the rowers and their families to stay at the Lake on race weekends. However, this is a privilege Rowing Tasmania only extends whilst users adhere to some basic guidelines and rules. In order to keep the facilities operating smoothly, safely and in pristine condition it is incumbent on all members of the rowing community to contribute to its operation.

Three options are available for people wishing to stay at the LBI site and are operated by the Rowing Tasmania.

Barrington Lodge


The Barrington Lodge facility has available ten cabins able to accommodate a maximum of five persons in each cabin. Each cabin has two bunk beds and one single bed.   Bookings are made on a minimum of a “per cabin” arrangement except during the peak rowing camp period (end of SATIS moratorium – return of school) where only group bookings of the entire lodge complex will be accepted.   The Lodge has shared toilet and shower facilities and a communal dining hall. These facilities are for the exclusive use of those staying at Barrington Lodge. They are not available for casual use or by campers. A continental breakfast is provided for Lodge guests on the Saturday and Sunday mornings of regatta weekends. Barrington Lodge is also available for training camps, corporate retreats and other approved bookings outside of regatta weekends. Barrington Lodge Floorplan link:

For more information email


Booking and payment                                       

  • All other bookings should be made through e-mail 
  • Payment is by Direct Deposit, Cash or Cheque.

Barrington Lodge Guest Information 

  • Upon arrival a room list will be posted on the wall near the lodge shower block at the top of the main entry stairs.
  • Your room will be unlocked when you arrive.
  • Rooms are supplied without bedding

Prior to departure, 11 AM, please ensure heaters and lights are turned off, all rubbish is removed, floors swept and mattresses raised to allow airing.

Rowing Tasmania has refurbished the Davies Bay Lodge (formally known as the Facilities Building) opposite the finish line and can offer accommodating up to 30 in a dormitory style accommodation with a commercial kitchen, also available are showers and toilets.


Camping - Regatta weekends only

Camping at LBI has become a very popular mode of accommodation for rowers and their families. As the popularity has increased so has the pressure on the supporting infrastructure. Rowing Tasmania asks all campers to be mindful of this and please adhere to these basic guidelines and rules to ensure an enjoyable experience for all users.

Campers Information

  • There is no restriction on arrival times other than campers should arrive well before 10:00 PM to ensure they do not break the curfew (10:00 PM) and therefore disturb other camping guests.
  • Upon arrival, please park your vehicles with full consideration of other campers, i.e.. behind not beside your tent/camper, to allow room for others. 

Campers Facilities

  • Toilets are available in the boat shed complex.
  • Additional toilets and showers are available in the Reeconian’s Centre
  • There are no powered sites at LBI, however a power outlet is available at the southern end of the boat shed for the boiling of kettles. Under no circumstances are power leads to be used from any onsite power outlet for the purpose of powering camp-sites.
  • Fresh water is available from various outlets around the LBI site. However, you should be aware that water supply is not treated and therefore water should be boiled for at least three minutes before use as drinking water.


  • Booking is not required. Sites are first in best served. 

Conduct of Campers

  • Unruly behaviour or excessive noise will not be tolerated. Your consideration of other campers is expected. (Remember sound carries a long way at night)! Noise curfew at 10:00 PM.
  • Wood fires are banned at Lake Barrington in the camping ground area due to concerns with high fire danger conditions and possible flying sparks igniting other fuel sources, tents etc. This includes contained fire pots regardless of how safe you may think they are.
  • The use of portable generators is prohibited.
  • A 10:00 PM curfew is to be strictly adhered to. Please take into consideration the needs of athletes and other campers.
  • Access to the rigging area and water front is prohibited after dark. 
  • Only approved camping areas are permitted. e.g. No swags to be set out in Boat Shed veranda area or under the rotunda. These are communal areas and should be treated as such. 
  • Do not take up more space than is reasonably required for your site. Keep your camping footprint to a minimum. Park cars behind tent/camper, not beside.
  • Remove all rubbish from camp sites and please empty wheelie bins into skip bins when full and at the conclusion of regatta.
  • Campers are not permitted to use the toilet/shower facilities or dining hall at Barrington Lodge or Davies Bay Lodge.

Course Hire

For further details on hiring at the Lake Barrington International Rowing Course please contact: 



Conditions of Entry