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Buckingham RC Boats for Sale

Taroona: 2002 Race 1 Olympic Class 4x+/4+. Crew average 60-70kg. $1500.00

The Johnstone: Pre-2000 Ausrowtec men's heavyweight 2-/2x. Offers

The Buck: Johnson Racing men's heavyweight 4x+/4+. Offers

Please contact Neil Stump, or 0417 394 009


Rowing Skiff for Sale

Price: $2,100 ONO

Custom built, lightweight, marine plywood 4-metre rowing skiff for one to two people.

1.25 metres wide. Outrigger included.

This swift skiff can be rowed, sailed or powered. Built by my husband about 5 years ago it has had very little use. Kept under cover, but a new coat of marine varnish would bring it up like new.

Contact Jeanette: 0437 531 056




Aluminium roof top rack for single scull 

Wanted to buy a scull roof rack for my single.

Text image and price to 0400573358


DMCRC Boats for Sale

Johnson Racing 4x+/4+ 2011 Average crew weight 55-75 kg. Wing riggers. Comes with both sets of riggers. Price: $4000

Sykes Racing 4x+/4+ 2004 Average crew weight 60-80 kg. Conventional riggers. Price: $4000

Hale 2x/2- 2002 Average crew weight 65-80 kg. Conventional riggers. Price: $2000

All boats maintained by DMCRC boatman.

Enquiries should be addressed to Tony Edmondson, DMCRC Boat Shed Manager: 0488 839 315


Croker Sweep Oars for Sale

Scotch Oakburn College Launceston are offering two sets of eight, Croker sweep oars for sale. Both sets are adjustable (371-377) and (370-376) with laminated wooden handles.

Oars are in good/usable condition.

Price: $1,000 per set.

If you have any questions or would like to view the oars, please contact Brendan Long: or 0419 008 567.



Mason Scull for Sale

  • Recently refurbished by Bob Mason.
  • New Shoes
  • Ideal womens first boat
  • Contact Fenton Jones 
  • $2000.00


Sykes HW 1x for Sale - $3500

Sykes Men’s HW Single Scull for sale. Boat was originally built for the AIS. Information on boat as below:

Mould: 25

Construction Type: Honeycomb / Carbon

Construction Date: June 1993

To suit rower weight: 95kg

Shell weight (approx.): 15.5 – 16kg

I’ve owned/used the boat for approx. 10 years now from a weight of 75kg and up without any issue. The boat performs well in both rough and calm conditions. Large splash board helps through the rougher weather. Boat is well looked after but unfortunately doesn’t get any use anymore. The boat will also come with a pair of Concept 2 oars.

Asking $3,000 but will consider reasonable offers.


It is currently stored at Lindisfarne Rowing Club. Please contact Jacob Gatehouse on 0435 916 370 with any questions or if you wish to view.