Policies & Information Documents

Rowing Tasmania is affiliated with Rowing Australia and is subject to its Policies, including the National Integrity Framework, which can be viewed on the Rowing Australia policies webpage.

Please visit the Rowing Australia sport integrity webpage for further information about these Policies and the Complaints process.

General integrity-related inquiries may be made to the Rowing Australia National Integrity Manager: integrity@rowingaustralia.com.au.

Rowing Tasmania has policies that govern participation, athletics, regattas, and all our business operations.

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Rowing Tasmania Governance Policies:

RG1- Constitution 01/10/2023

RG2- Notice of Acceptance for the Constitution

Rowing Tasmania Policies:

RT1Rowing Tasmania Working with Children Sector Guide

RT2Lake Barrington International Rowing Course Drone  (RVA or UAV) Policy 2018

RT3Rowing Tasmania Inclusion Policy - updated 09/08/2019

RT4Rowing Tasmania Working & Volunteering with Vulnerable People Policy

RT5Membership Standardised Terms & Conditions- Explanatory Memorandum

RT5(1)- Membership terms and Conditions  - updated 02/2023

RT6Social Media Policy

RT7- Board Member Induction Policy

RT8- Personal Information Protection

RT9- Making Rowing Safer in Tasmania - updated October 2023

RT10- Alcohol & Smoking Management Policy

RT11Lake Barrington International Rowing Centre- Conditions of Entry

RT12- MaST updated general Regulations- re the wearing of Lifejackets January 2022

RT13- Racing Code

RT14- Camp Safety Management Plan- updated June 2024.

RT15- Transporting of Rowing Boats information Bulletin State Growth Tasmania.