Safety Videos




Here are some safety videos that we have that are specific to rowing.

#1 Heel ties and Bowballs-Link.

  • A quick way to show you and your athletes the sense behind the correct set up of shoes and why a shell should have a proper funtioning bow ball. 

#2 Lights on Rowing Shells-Link.

  • With the new laws coming into effect this video will show you what is required.

#3 What to do when you capsize your shell-Link.

  • This video will show a number of techniques to right a shell plus what to do if your the athlete or coach.

#4 Cold Water Immersion-Link.

  • The water is cold here for most of the year and hypothermia can set in at any time, this video will help you to understand what happens when an athlete is in the water and what can be done to assist.

#5 A new National standards for life jackets Link:

  • All the information on the new standards for you to view.

 #6 Cold water immersion from a different perspective.

  • Professor Michael Tipton demonstrates the effects of 10 degrees water on the human body with Olympic Swimmers Duncan Goodhew and Sharon Davis. More information on this subject can be found in Golden en Tipton's reader "Essentials of Sea Survival", Human Kinetics 2002