Coaching Girls

“You row like a girl...
                                good for you”

"At the World Rowing Championships recently I saw a T-shirt that said ‘You row like a girl, good for you’ and I wanted to buy one for every woman I know.
Rowing has been a transformational sport for me and for so many women, of all ages.
Sport, and especially rowing, offers wonderful opportunities for teenage girls, whether youthink you are “sporty” or not. Getting out and active with friends, looking after yourself and
appreciating what a great gift our bodies are, is all part of growing up and preparing for thefuture. You’ll take the confidence, enthusiasmand friendships that your sport offers forward
into the rest of your lives and hopefully join the growing number of women being active andplaying sport – for fun or competitively.

This manual will help you develop physical and mental confidence in your rowing. Its approach to exercises will help you develop inner strengths for good, efficient, competitive technique and provide a better understanding of how your body works, to support you through the highs and lows of daily life.
Diet, injury prevention and a positive mental attitude are all part of being a strong active woman – use this manual to support you,
your friends and crew in developing the inner strength and outer confidence your sport canoffer. Be proud of what you can achieve andmost of all – have fun!


Annamarie Phelps, CBE,
Chairman, British Rowing - (2013-2018)

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