Smoke Free



Tobacco smoking kills more than 15,000 Australians every year. It is the single largest preventable cause of early death and disease in Australia.

Passive smoking or involuntary exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) can harm human health, by increasing heart disease, cancer, a variety of respiratory ailments and other adverse medical conditions. There is no safe level of exposure to ETS.

Since March 2012 there have been laws prohibiting smoking within 20 metres of competition and seating areas during a sporting event. Earlier this year it was decided by Rowing Tasmania to extend these smoking restrictions to include all of the Lake Barrington Regatta Grounds.

By declaring the Lake Barrington Regatta Grounds smoke-free, Rowing Tasmania is contributing to the health and wellbeing of our community especially our junior rowers and the promotion of this very important public health initiative.

In smoke free areas, the use of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, personal vaporisers, herbal and non-tobacco cigarettes are all banned.

To assist Rowing Tasmania in achieving its goal of providing a smoke free environment there are two designated smoking areas for those attending our regattas.

Smokers must light up in a designated sign posted smoking area as per the map below, if you cannot locate the areas, please ask a Rowing Tasmania Official.

Area 1. Northern end of the regatta ground overlooking Murfet’s Bay.

Area 2. Southern end of the regatta ground past the finishing tower at the entrance to Davies Bay

The Smoke Free Regatta Policy will take effect from the Junior Sculling Camp and Regatta November 10th & 11th 2018