Working with Vulnerable People.

If you work with children in certain activities or services, you must now register for a background check, called the “Working and Volunteering with Vulnerable People Check”.

This check aims to reduce the potential for sexual, physical, psychological, emotional or financial harm or neglect of children in Tasmania.

People from Clubs, Associations and Movements can start to apply from 1 October 2014. You must hold registration by 1 April 2015 to participate in activities like coaching, team management, and committee membership for organisations that primarily involve the participation of children.

The Working and Volunteering with Vulnerable People  Check provides a minimum screening process for people working or volunteering in these organisations. The new law requires registration for some important roles within child related organisations, but importantly allows organisations to adjust the screening requirements to suit their particular organisation.

There are a number of exemptions under the new law regarding situations where people engaged in regulated activities need not apply. These exemptions can be overridden if, after assessment of the risk of harm to children, an organisation determines that it wants these roles to be included in their screening regime.

For more information about exemptions read the Exemptions Fact Sheet.

For instance, you will be exempt if working or volunteering for a Club, Association or Movement if:

  • you are engaged in a regulated activity for a particular employer or volunteer body for not more than 3 days in any 4-week period and for not more than 7 days in any calendar year
  • you are doing the same activity as the child (for example, playing together in a sporting team)

Information and Applications are available online at:

The registration can be used across multiple activities. 

The registration process includes an application, evidence of identity, payment of a fee, national criminal history assessment as well as ongoing monitoring, and will add an important layer of protection for children in Tasmania.  

Please download the Rowing Tasmania Sector Guide that has been prepared by Justice Department.

Please download the Rowing Tasmania Working or Volunteering with Vulnerable People Policy and Guide.